Differ We Must: How Lincoln Succeeded in a Divided America

differ we must

Steve Inskeep’s compelling and nuanced exploration of Abraham Lincoln’s political acumen, illuminating a great politician’s strategy in a country divided—and lessons for our own disorderly present.

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The Unbelievable Solitary Confinement Prison in Jacksonland

This is Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary, built in the 1820’s as a model prison. In keeping with the latest thinking in criminal justice reform, the prison was designed so that every single prisoner would be kept in solitary confinement for the entirety of his term.

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Jackson on the Rearing Horse

The Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette Park in front of the White House in Washington, DC. Completed by Clark Mills in the 1850’s has been part of every President’s view ever since. This is one of several Jackson statues in similar poses.

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