#Jacksonland as Seen in a Nashville, Tennessee State Office Building

From Gordon Belt, Nashville, Tennessee:

“In the early twentieth century, Dean Cornwell became one of the nation’s most popular and famous muralists. In Tennessee, he painted several extraordinary murals during the Great Depression.

“In 1941, Cornwell painted “The Discovery of Tennessee” and “The Development of Tennessee” in the grand entrance to the John Sevier State Office Building in downtown Nashville. The murals, located on opposing walls of the building’s grand entrance, depict two distinct phases of Tennessee history. On one mural Cornwell’s artistic vision of early Tennessee history surrounds Tennessee’s first governor, John Sevier, dressed in full Revolutionary War uniform and flanked by a patriotic thirteen-star American flag. Cornwell positioned Andrew Jackson at the center of the mural seen here, located on the opposite wall surrounded by similar depictions of Tennessee history from the nineteenth and early twentieth century.”